[ti:Are These US Treasures about to be Destroyed?] [by:www.ljhzhm.tw] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Many old buildings and aging neighborhoods across the United States [00:06.08]look like they are ready to be torn down and replaced. [00:11.40]But the National Trust for Historic Preservation [00:15.32]believes that such areas and structures [00:18.96]are actually important links to America's past. [00:25.00]The National Trust is a private, nonprofit group [00:29.04]that works to save America's historic places. [00:34.96]Katherine Malone-France works with the group. [00:39.36]She told VOA, "All old places, [00:43.52]they have incredible power to bring people together [00:47.20]and to provide us with continuity in the stories of who we are [00:52.11]and where we want to go." [00:55.40]The National Trust is concerned about an old, [00:59.48]unused public housing development in Buffalo, New York. [01:05.24]It is called Willert Park Courts. [01:09.12]It was the first housing project in the state [01:12.56]built specifically for African Americans. [01:16.52]The group says another reason to save Willert Park Courts [01:22.04]is that many buildings provide an example of early modernism. [01:28.44]That kind of building design often shows events from everyday life. [01:36.12]An example of an aging neighborhood [01:38.92]is the Tenth Street Historic District of Dallas, Texas. [01:44.52]Its old buildings date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. [01:52.24]They were mostly settled by former slaves after the U.S. Civil War. [01:58.92]At least 70 of the area's 260 homes have already been destroyed. [02:07.16]The National Trust also has expressed concern [02:11.12]about what has been called the "Superman" building [02:14.64]in the eastern state of Rhode Island. [02:18.44]Built in 1928, the high-rise building [02:22.64]once housed the Industrial Trust Company, one of the largest [02:27.60]and most powerful banks in the northeastern U.S. [02:33.12]The Industrial Trust Company later became part of the Bank of America. [02:40.24]The building has been empty since Bank of America moved out six years ago. [02:47.32]All three areas are among the places on the National Trust's list [02:52.46]of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places for 2019. [03:00.16]Other places on the list include one of Puerto Rico's last historic [03:05.12]coffee plantation houses, ancestral places in Utah, [03:10.08]a railroad bridge in North Dakota and Nashville's Music Row. [03:17.04]A place like Music Row is not just about saving individual buildings. [03:24.20]It is also about protecting the community to which they are connected. [03:30.64]The goal of the National Trust is to make sure [03:33.72]that places like Music Row remain unharmed. [03:38.84]However, the group also seeks to find a way [03:42.83]to keep the places in active use, serving the surrounding community. [03:49.16]Malone-France says losing such places would leave Americans [03:54.44]without a real connection to the past [03:57.04]and to places where American history happened. [04:01.48]She adds, "They're important to individuals, [04:05.60]and they're important to their local communities, [04:08.80]but also they are...representative of stories [04:12.28]that are important parts of our larger American story [04:16.52]and places help tell those stories." [04:21.20]I'm Jonathan Evans. [04:23.24]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 2019六合图库