[ti:Former Trump Advisor Seeks to Create a School for Populists] [by:www.ljhzhm.tw] [00:00.00]更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM [00:00.16]A former advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump [00:05.24]is planning to open a school for populist activists. [00:11.28]Steve Bannon wants to set up the training center [00:16.00]at a monastery in Italy. [00:19.64]However, the Italian government is now seeking to stop the plan. [00:26.72]Bannon's idea is to teach students [00:30.87]how to defend the West's Judeo-Christian traditions [00:35.48]against opposition from the political left. [00:40.40]When he announced the plan, [00:42.96]Bannon called it a "gladiator school" [00:47.16]– in other words, a school for warriors. [00:52.24]Helping Bannon is Benjamin Harnwell of Britain. [00:56.92]Harnwell told VOA, [00:59.44]"We are going to rip out everything of a person [01:03.22]that is of this world and throw it away." [01:07.64]The goal is to turn students into single-minded activists, he added. [01:15.23]To house their school, Harnwell and Bannon have secured [01:20.96]temporary ownership of the 800-year-old Trisulti Charterhouse. [01:28.12]The monastery is in the mountains about 70 kilometers east of Rome. [01:35.44]The picturesque grounds are difficult to reach, [01:40.36]and the area does not have good internet connection. [01:46.08]However, said Harnwell, "It is perfect for what we want to do." [01:53.08]The training camp has fueled arguments among Italians. [01:58.68]Government officials say they plan to cancel the agreement [02:04.00]to let Bannon and Harnwell's group take control of the monastery. [02:09.60]They say the group has violated some terms of the agreement. [02:16.40]Harnwell said false charges and criticism from the left [02:21.76]influenced the government's decision. [02:25.76]He said he plans to fight it and clear his group's name. [02:33.28]The officials' decision follows a number of anti-Bannon protests [02:39.32]near the grounds of the monastery. [02:42.72]Activists accused Bannon of being a white supremacist and a secret fascist. [02:50.53]Chiarina Ianni is a lawyer who has been helping to organize the protests. [02:57.68]She told reporters that Bannon's plans [03:01.87]are in opposition to the "spirit of this monastery, [03:06.44]which has long been a route of peace for pilgrims and walkers." [03:12.88]Italians who live near the monastery [03:16.16]seem surprised by all the attention the area is getting. [03:21.44]Historically, the monastery has been a home for monks [03:25.96]who mostly remained silent. [03:29.56]Now, it is at the center of a noisy dispute. [03:35.16]VOA spoke to the owner of a local drinking establishment. [03:40.48]She said, "Most of us don't like Bannon's politics. [03:45.80]But if they get going, then it would mean jobs for locals." [03:51.04]And, she added, if officials force Bannon out, [03:55.84]the monastery may become just another old building [04:00.52]the state cannot afford to maintain. [04:05.12]I'm Kelly Jean Kelly. 更多聽力請訪問51VOA.COM 2019六合图库